The Adeptus Administratum, as their name might suggest, are administrative organization of the Imperium of Man.

Made up of countless menials, remembrancers, and tithe-keepers, the Administratum is responsible for the bureaucracy and paperwork that keeps the Imperium running, including the maintenance of records, the management of resources, and the administration of justice.

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  • Those who toil within the datastacks of the Administratum are buried beneath thousands of years of recordkeeping — and all the issues that come with that upkeep. Libraries are poorly cataloged (unless of significant religious value to the Ministorum) and precious information is typically hoarded by the Mechanicus. What is left? Well, countless spreadsheets of numbers that are either out of date, wrong, or fabricated…

I remember when, I remember I remember when I lost my miiiiiid.

  • The Administratum is a monolithic organization founded on tradition more than accuracy. Its bean-counters are responsible for collecting the Imperial Tithe or other taxes, but one rich area for storytelling is the Administratum’s ‘Remembrancers’ — human supercomputers that are both record-keepers and folk storytellers. 

Two things are certain. Death and taxes.

  • Pay your taxes. Keep your head down. Work for 20 hours a day. Nobody will miss you when you’re gone.