Part of the ‘Talons of the Emperor’, the Adeptus Custodes are an elite, secretive, and highly skilled military force that serve as the personal bodyguards and protectors of the Emperor of Mankind on Terra.

Considered some of the finest warriors in the Imperium, they are genetically enhanced and heavily trained to be superior to even the best Adeptus Astartes Marines. Each Custodian is a formidable force in its own right. Serving alongside the null Sisters of Silence, they rarely leave Terra, but should they do so it would be in situation where only the Emperor’s most physically and spiritually adept forces are required.

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Faction Tropes

The Emperor's right hands

  • The Custodes are know for their eternal vigilance – that is to say, they don’t get out much. Their tireless efforts to protect the Emperor typically revolve around stopping constant threats on Terra, so should they traverse the stars it’s like going on a road trip when you’ve never left home before. 

The burden of the few

  • The themes of isolation and loneliness are rich storytelling components for the Custodes, due to their unique role. They share a kinship with their fellow Custodians, but lack camaraderie (and often humanity) due to a lack of contact with other Imperial forces. They carry a burden of fighting for a humanity they will never know – and in a way, that can be rather sad or bittersweet.

What's in a name

  • Being close to the Emperor, the Custodians have a regal and awe-inspiring appearance. They adhere to traditions, lengthy names, and they stand out as elite forces in the Imperium. This also means a degree of haughty superiority can come to the foreground, as they feel they’re the best humanity has to offer. Astartes? Pfft! Get in line. The Adeptus Custodes are the pinnacle of human engineering, and aren’t afraid to be bullies when need to be.