The Collegia Titanica are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Imperium’s Titans, massive war machines used in warfare.

The Titans are powered by complicated archaeotech and these colossal bipedal platforms bristle with massive cannons, missile launchers, and sometimes psionic weaponry — all primed to dominate the battlefield and flatten Humanity’s foes.

God-Machines are not nascent engines of war. When connecting to them through a Mind Impulse Unit (a dangerous and lethal process) crews and pilots of Titans must contend with the potent Machine Spirit and personality of the complex machine, or risk losing their consciousness and be driven to madness.

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Faction Tropes

Big robots go stomp

  • The skill with which Titan crews operate their might engines of war is comparable to the highest-ranked captains of void-faring warships. The officers, known as ‘Princeps’, takes command of the unit via a Mind Impulse Unit and merge their body and mind with the artificial intellig— uh, we mean ‘machine spirit’ of their god-engine. The personality of these machine spirits and pilots bleeding together forms the ‘anima’ gestalt mind of the machine, while other system functions are supported by Moderati (or Moderates). Not all who uplink to a Titan can keep their minds intact, and many wish to permanently fuse with the machine after the power-trip of being a giant robot stomping around the battlefield. 

Smaller robots still go stomp

  • Smaller than the colossal Titans are the Questor Imperialis (Imperial Knights) who are aligned with the Imperium or Adeptus Mechanicus (long story: they’re like ancient knights allied to ‘noble houses’). Rather than being piloted by a Princeps and crew of Moderati, each Knight is piloted by a single warrior drawn from ancient feudal aristocrats.

*obligatory Gundam music*

  • Titans are not fast, and neither are the Collegia Titanica. The decision to deploy one of these God Machines is rife with infighting and debate. The Collegia Titanica is so steeped in heritage, tradition, and school of thought, that it’s divided into ‘Titan Legions/Titan Orders’ with their own military police, accompanying Tech Priests, executive divisions, upkeep crew — let’s just say it takes a lot to run one of these slow-moving beasts. That’s fine, though, cause when they want to shoot something they can do it from miles away and tracking the circumference of the planet. Good luck hiding.