Dark Eldar

The Drukhari, also known as the Dark Eldar, are a society of cruel and sadistic Aeldari who reside in the Dark City of Commorragh, located within the webway. They are known for their love of torture, slavery, and the pursuit of pleasure, and they frequently raid other worlds to capture new victims for their twisted entertainments.

Their primary goal is to acquire more and more souls to feed the Chaos deity Slaanesh, thereby fending off her ravenous thirst for the Drukhari themselves. With such cutthroat raiders, can the Drukhari fend off She Who Thirsts forever, or will they succumb to their own infighting?

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Faction Tropes

Bend to my will

  • Drukhari will routinely exploit other beings for their own pleasure or gain, and it’s not unheard of for them to use mind control, torture, or other forms of extreme violence to extract information or inflict suffering.

Curse you, sudden but inevitable betrayal!

  • They are often depicted as being amoral, willing to engage in any behaviour or action if it brings them pleasure or power. This means that Drukhari are constantly trying to climb the proverbial ladder of backstabbing, subverting, or betraying even their closest allies.