The Rillietann, or Harlequins, are a mysterious and enigmatic group of Aeldari who are known for their acrobatic fighting style and their use of highly advanced and deadly weaponry.

Dedicated to the preservation and continuation of the eldar race, they see it as their sacred duty to protect their kin from the dangers that threaten them while using the stories and performances of their history to guide and defend their people.

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Faction Tropes

Stay awhile and listen!

  • The motivations of the Harlequins are closely tied to their belief in the concept of the “Great Enemy,” which refers to the malevolent entity known as the Chaos God Slaanesh. To oppose this Chaos God, the Harlequins use song and dance to inspire the Aeldari race and help them through these dark times — oh, and to cartwheel around the battlefield with killer mimes and clowns.

Servants of the Laughing God

  • Cegorach was one of the only Aeldari gods to escape Slaanesh’s birth, and the Harlequins are his chosen people. The role of oral traditions and cultural identity in shaping one’s actions are incredibly important to him, and the Harlequins protect his silver-lit vault: The Black Library.

This is no laughing matter!

  • One of the main flaws of the Harlequins is their rigid adherence to their own code of conduct, which can sometimes make them inflexible and unwilling to compromise. Additionally, their focus on the preservation of the Aeldari race can lead them to make decisions that prioritize the needs of the collective over the needs of the individual, and their chaotic-neutral personalities are very difficult to understand sometimes.