The Holy Order

The Inquisition is a secret organization within the Imperium of Man tasked with the duty of protecting the Imperium from threats both external and internal.

The Inquisition is composed of several different Ordos, each with its own focus and methods, and they have the authority to act outside the bounds of normal Imperial law in the pursuit of their duties. These include the Ordo Xenos (pursuing alien influences), Ordo Malleus (rooting out daemonic corruption), and Ordo Hereticus (purging dissidents and unsanctioned psykers).

Recommended stories

Adeptus Ministorum

Faction Tropes

See this badge? I'm the Captain now

  • Bear wearing the Rosette, the Inquisition has the authority to act outside the bounds of normal Imperial law in the pursuit of their duties, giving them power and authority unchecked except by other Inquisitors. Inquisitors may be drunk with power, as a result of this, and have a sense of entitlement (and ego) that knows no bounds. 

Elementary, my dear Watson

  • Inquisitors from all three Ordos frequent secrecy, conspiracy, and the dangers of uncovering hidden truths, meaning it is not uncommon for their retinue (or indentured aides) to die in exceptionally painful ways or to be treated as cannon fodder to help the Inquisitor get their hands around the throat of the real threat. The ends justify the means.

You'd go mad if you've seen what I've seen

  • As a secret society, the machinations of the Inquisition are typically unknown, but anyone in the Imperium who hears their name knows that something serious has gone down. Each Inquisitor worth their salt has probably survived countless horrors, being a daemon-hunter or alien occultist. A common theme in this is their role in witnessing horrors that would break the fragile minds of lesser souls.