The Lord of Skulls

Khorne is one of the four major Chaos Gods, representing the Chaos God of rage, violence, and war.

Khorne is often depicted as a brutal and bloodthirsty deity, seeking to fuel the fires of war and violence in the universe. His agents gain power and influence through the spilling of blood, and Khorne rewards those who serve him with strength and martial prowess while punishing those who do not meet his standards of bloodshed.

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Faction Tropes

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  • Khorne is often depicted as demanding the spilling of blood and the offering of sacrifices in his name. This may include themes of sacrifice, ritual, and the consequences of seeking to appease his agents through violent means. Unlike his fellow Chaos deities, this makes Khorne straightforward: the expectations are clear and easy to get into for Cultists. Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Seeing red

  • Khorne is a deity of rage and anger, and may be associated with themes of anger, fury, and the destructive power of these emotions. Being so damn angry is a good way to let him into your heart (and mind) and individuals might find themselves getting stronger the angrier they get (eh tu, Hulk?)

Have you tried talking about your feelings?

  • Daemons of Khorne promote violence and war and to gain power through the spilling of blood – so what happens when its agents take a sober moment to think? When you take off the blinders of suffering and destruction caused by war, agents of Khorne might find themselves pretty impressed (or horrified) as they come out of their ‘haze’.