The Kroot are an alien species native to the planet Pech, and are a starfaring collection of clans or tribes that are led by powerful Kroot chiefs.

Known for their martial prowess and their skill in guerrilla warfare, Kroot are known for their ability to absorb the genetic traits of other species through “devouring,” which allows them to adapt to their environment and evolve over time

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Faction Tropes

If I eat you, I will know you

  • Despite their reputation as mercenaries and voracious eaters, the Kroot are also known for their strong code of honor and their loyalty to their clans. They will never feed on a T’au due to their culture’s adherence to respect for the blue-skinned allies, and hunting carries with it some religious emotions.

Skwakka, Skwakka, SkwWAAK--

  • The avian-like Kroot have a lot in common with ancient tribal customs in Humanity. Individual Kroot may be driven by a desire to improve their own abilities and the strength of their clans through the process of devouring, as well as a desire to earn wealth and power through their mercenary work. They may also be motivated by a desire to protect their own interests and those of their clans.