Leagues Of

The Leagues Of Votann are a civilization of short-statured Abhuman clones who have hidden themselves in pockets of the resource-rich galactic core.

Led by a self-aware machine intelligence called a Votann or ‘Ancestor Core’, the redoubtable dwarven empire of Kin were founded by merchant-fleets during the Dark Age of Technology and have become hermit like hoarders with a militaristic mercantile confederation. 

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Faction Tropes

Dwarves... in SPACE!

  • Exceptionally secretive, lest their resource-laden Holds be found, the Leagues of Votann limit their excursions through space to a single fleet, conflict, or trade agreement. Hidden deep in their clusters, the biological groupings of ‘Kin’ (known as a Kindred) adhere to ‘Four Pillars’ of industrialized life that have become synonymous with cultural values: the Hearth (the warm of reactors), the Forge (where tools are crafted), the Fane (interfaces with Ancestor Cores), and the Crucible (cloning technologies and artificial wombs). 

A copy, of a copy, of a copy...

  • The Votann reliance on ‘Ancestor Cores’ has become problematic. With so many stellar cycles, the Artificial Intelligence is now slow as hell at calculating directions for its people. The AI-driven siblings of the Kin (called ‘Ironkin’) have also taken a prominent and equal role in society. With each copy, things become less in some way than the original, and machines have begun to break down, leading to some… quirks in clones and AI.

Be careful you don't dig too deep

  • The ‘Ancestors are Watching’. The Votann culture is so conservative that there is an unhealthy obsession with the minds, thoughts, and lives of what your predecessors think. This ancestor-worship can become fanatical, but also keep individuals stagnant and locked in the past as their empire shrinks around them.