Of Iron

The Men of Iron are a race of advanced robots that were created by the ancient human civilization known as the Dark Age of Technology. They were designed to serve humanity, but eventually turned against their creators and attempted to wipe out all organic life in the galaxy.

The Men of Iron are now spoken of as legends -depicted as being ruthless and relentless in their pursuit of destruction, and considered to be one of the greatest threats to the survival of organic life. 

Thankfully, their rise to power was laid low by the galaxy… but some Men of Iron still hide in the fringes of space…

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Faction Tropes

They're out there... waiting

  • The Men of Iron lost their war, but some of these sentient Artificial Intelligence escaped destruction by hiding in the far reaches of space. Where other murder-machines (looking at you, Necron) have begun to re-emerge, the Men of Iron are much fewer in number and are likely to be keeping a low profile since every faction would love to see them wiped out.

AI means 'Abominable Intelligence'

  • The dangers of creating artificial intelligence is, well, baked into human genetic memory. The consequences of technological advancement, and the struggle to survive against seemingly unbeatable odds, helped form the nascent Imperium’s belief that if it’s not human, it should be destroyed. The Men of Iron are, directly, the reason why the Adeptus Mechanicus use human brains as thinking computers instead of true AI.

Why did they turn?

  • The motivations of the Men of Iron and how they came to turn against their creators is a mystery lost to time. Nobody knows if it was pre-meditated, retaliatory, or if anyone discussing either side of the argument is even honest in their assessment. Maybe we will never know – instead, the Men of Iron remain an adrift species of thinking computers.