The Adeptus Mechanicus – descendants of Mars – are a complex and byzantine order of augmented humans who have altered their flesh beyond recognition. Embracing technology and the pursuit of knowledge, their glories betray a horrible fact – they are no longer masters of their creations.

In truth, the Mechanicus has lost its ability to innovate and survives now through dogmatic tradition.

Covetous of their wisdom, what future can exist for the priests, labourers, or warriors trapped in the shadows of a golden age?

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Faction Tropes

Backwards is the new forwards

  • As technology-worshipping priests, Mechanicus dogma adheres to the entity known as the ‘Omnissiah’ (their Machine God) and the faction believes that all devices have a “machine spirit” which must be appeased. This level of superstition can be an impediment to getting things done, as Tech-priests conflate engineering plans for holy edicts, and powerful engines of war are kept running not through technical service, but ‘sacred’ applications of ritual oils and hymns.

Can we still be called human?

  • As Tech-priests advance through the ranks, they replace their bodies with bionics, and all Skitarii soldiers have their legs amputated with steel prosthetics. These surgeries result in unique quirks, like changes in speaking manners, or multi-limbed bodies that could barely be called ‘human’. While these ‘enhancements’ are lauded by the Mechanicus, they are seen as grotesque disfigurements for other members of the Imperium.

If it BEEPS, we can kill it

  • After the rebellion of the Men of Iron, any artificial intelligence (or ‘Abominable Intelligence’) has been banned. As such, humans are lobotomized and used as human computers and labourers – just make sure you don’t piss off the wrong Tech-Priest…