Human Auxiliaries

The Gue’vesa are humans who have chosen to ally themselves with the T’au Empire, a technologically advanced alien race that values the principles of the “Greater Good”. Uplifted from the authoritarian regime of the Imperium of Mankind, these Gue’vesa experience privileges based more on respect and caste, as opposed to human capitol.

While they remain loyal to the T’au and are willing to fight for their cause, deprogramming the Imperium’s indoctrination is not an easy task. Many humans feel torn between their loyalty to their own species and their commitment to the T’au and the Greater Good.

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Faction Tropes

Inside you live two wolves... er, humans

  • Gue’vesa as caught between two worlds, trying to navigate their place in both human and T’au society. Combined with the fact that the T’au empire has a lot of auxiliaries who have been killed by the Imperium, humans aren’t exactly seen as trustworthy allies.

You will need to unlearn all that you have learned

  • Gue’vesa are depicted as more open-minded and accepting of other cultures and ways of life than other human factions. Along with that, there’s a ‘fish out of water’ element to them learning to be allies with species who have, until their joining the T’au Empire, been treated as monsters and boogeymen to humans.

You can't go back again, new guy

  • The portrayal of the Gue’vesa as being willing to question and challenge the values of their own society in order to better align with the ideals of the T’au and the Greater Good is great! But this means they’re going to be asking a lot of questions – and maybe asking too many that the T’au themselves would like to keep under wraps.