The Plaguefather

Nurgle is one of the four major Chaos Gods, representing the Chaos God of death, decay, and disease.

Nurgle is often depicted as a deity of pestilence and decay, seeking to spread his plagues and afflictions throughout the universe. Rewarding those who serve him with resilience and resistance to his plagues, and punishing those who do not embrace his gifts, he can be seen as an agent of ‘everlasting life’ — that is, in a stagnant, putrid degree of immortality.

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Faction Tropes

Mr. Poxwalker, I don't feel so good

  • Death, mortality, and the cycle of life and death are broken when Nurgle’s influence is around. His plagues and illnesses twist the minds of followers, making them feel ecstasy and joy (which is why his cultists revere him as a ‘Father’). Society can be upended by the several of life and death — if only we had a modern example of a global pandemic to draw from to influence how diseases impact individuals and culture! *cough*

We can live forever

  • Praying on the mortal fear of death, Nurgle’s agents are depicted as having the ability to heal and regenerate their followers, repairing their bodies and granting them a degree of immortality. This is usually a Faustian Bargain as the regeneration comes with other grotesque consequences like cancerous buboes and afflictions.

I send my plague, I send my scourge...

  • Nurgle is often depicted as having a dark sense of humour when infecting and afflict others with his diseases. Plagues, which might be highly virulent, may take away one’s eyesight (but leave them alive) while others will kill people and leave them with rotting smiles.