The Dark Mechanicum, also known as the Hereteks, are a faction of rogue tech-priests and adepts in the universe who have turned against the Imperium and seek to advance their own agendas through the use of forbidden technologies and the worship of the Chaos Gods.

Motivated by a desire for power, a belief in the superiority of their own agendas and technologies, or a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, these mad agents of Chaos embrace harrowing technologies of Daemonforges, Abominable Intelligences, or Xenos sciences.

Recommended stories

Faction Tropes

Attachment is forbidden. Compassion is forbidden.

  • You know that thing that the Omnissiah/Emperor says NOT to do? Yeah, well, screw that! The Dark Mechanicum will actively use and seek out forbidden technologies, such as those developed by the Adeptus Mechanicus or those derived from the worship of the Chaos God as a giant middle finger to the Imperium. That said, there are dangers and consequences of using them, and the moral and ethical considerations surrounding their use can make for good stories.

To whom do you pledge?

  • Hereteks come in all shapes and colours, and while they are often associated with the worship of the Chaos Gods and the corruption that comes with it, they may also pursue unsanctioned sciences in Xenos technology or *gasp* Men of Iron. The Tech Priests who do this often find themselves in power struggles with their allies, just as much as their enemies, and political maneuvering for the Dark Mechanicum can reach high levels of sass and genocide.

That's a nasty virus you got there

  • Dark Mechanicum weapons can get really gnarly. Chaos-contaminated source code were turned into arcane computer viruses that obliterate computer systems and fry neurons of unprepared Tech Priests, and their Hell-Forge worlds design warp-based technologies that can put a Daemon in a tank, or design bionics that look like typical Adeptus Mechanicus biomimicry except with way more violent animalistic influences.