The Heretic Astartes are war bands of traitorous Space Marines who have turned their backs on the Imperium of Man and sworn themselves to the service of the Chaos Gods, powerful deities of anarchy and destruction.

The Heretic Astartes are known for their extreme brutality, their advanced technology, and their possession by daemons, malevolent supernatural entities.

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Faction Tropes

War crimes? What war crimes?

  • Heretic Astartes are portrayed as being incredibly brutal and violent, willing to engage in any form of warfare or treachery to achieve their goals. This can include *takes a deep breath*: trench warfare, chemical bombings, terror tactics, murder of hostages, biological experiments, plunder of private property, wanton destruction of cities and villages, targeting of sites of cultural significance, torture, genocide, enslavement, systemic rape and inhuman acts, deportation of children… … …

It's kind of cramped in this flesh suit

  • During their service to the Dark Gods, several Heretic Astartes find themselves possessed by daemons. This gives them access to incredible power but also makes them unpredictable and unstable (while managing a co-pilot in their head and body).

My evil god is better than YOUR evil god

  • Heretic Astartes suffer a constant state of internal conflict, torn between their loyalty to the Chaos Gods and their own personal desires. While they may have a goal or objective, a great deal depends on the blessings or permissions of a Dark God to allow it to come to pass.