The Necron are the remnants of a race of robotic undead that once ruled the galaxy, but have since been dormant for millions of years.

Known for their advanced technology, their immense durability, and their ability to reassemble themselves after being destroyed, the Necron have begun to reawaken from their Tomb Worlds with the mission to subjugate or destroy all life. Their long slumber, however, has reduced much of their former glory, and their minds are ragged with fractured memories and idiosyncratic ticks (if any personality remains at all).

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Faction Tropes

Magic and science? Pfft. How about MATH!

  • Unlike other races that tap into the chaotic and soul-sapping energies of The Warp, the Necron weird anti-empyric technologies and non-euclidean sciences to bend reality and open wormholes. Don’t ask how, the science is far too advanced. Just know that this crypto-logic is incomprehensible to mortal minds and includes all manner of jargon-talk surrounding Pariah Genes and Blackstone Arrays.

Like the Pharaohs of old

  • The Necron are necromancer-like ‘tomb kings’, which invites interesting conversations on immortality, resurrection, and the consequences of these things. By tampering with powers beyond them, their minds have been transferred into metallic husks at the cost of their souls. Some Necron Lords have become twitchy and want their souls back, whereas others are simply dead-minded servants. There is no going back.

*Bzzt* Forget-me-not

  • The Necron may not experience conflict within their own ranks (their servants being mindless automatons) but hoo boy do they backstab and betray like the best ones in the galaxy. Competing Dynasties and some really power-hungry Necron carry grudges from millennia ago… and these interpersonal motivations (and histories) can make them fascinating character studies in rivalry.