The Astra Telepathica is responsible for the training, regulation, and deployment of Sanctioned Psykers (individuals with psychic abilities) in the Imperium of Man.

Based on Terra, they seek to protect the Imperium from the dangers posed by psykers and to harness their powers for the benefit of the Imperium. The Astra Telepathica is responsible for regulating the use of psychic powers and preventing their misuse, as well as training psykers in the control and use of their abilities.

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Faction Tropes

Tetuso! Kaneda! AHHHHH!

  • Dealing with psychic powers and their regulation, the Astra Telepathic is forced to navigate ‘ethical’ considerations surrounding what to do with all these psykers popping up. Do they:
    (1) Get sent to Terra to be sacrificed to keep the Golden Throne running?
    (2) Die during psychic trials to test their abilities?
    (3) Have their heads explode on active duty when their powers tap too far into the Warp?
    (4) Become Astropaths, communicating between worlds or helping vessels travel the Warp, which might fracture their tiny human consciousness?
    (5) Take up service in the Inquisition which has a 0.01% survival rate.
    … The possibilities are endless!

(Third) Eyes Wide Shut

  • The Astra Telepathica may be depicted as a secret society or a shadowy organization, with themes of secrecy, intrigue, and hidden agendas. Not overtly trusted by other humans (but sorely needed) the Telepathica are exceptional manipulators being able to, you know, read minds or inception people.

We're all mad here, Alice

  • The members of the Astra Telepathica are not the most sane individuals in the Imperium, which is saying a a lot when you’re next to the Zealots of the Ministorum or obsessive Mechanicus. Still, they can be a force for good, but one that walks the razor’s edge of immeasurable psychic power, and a direct-line to Daemons turning your brain to soup.