Audio Dramas

Audio dramas are not just a read-aloud version of a text. They’re more than a narration or audiobook — they’re a theatre for the mind.

The following are the internet’s best sounding unofficial Warhammer stories, each taking place in a different time or space in the grimdark future.

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Three Chances

Ever since he and his older sister were wrenched from their royal home in the Dark City, IZENZON has suffered a lifetime of indignity. Doomed as pawns to their captor, the Drukhari siblings have grown up as indentured kabalites — prisoner-warriors kept alive only for their political leverage. Despising his enslaver, the dread-Archon SHAVISTÉ, the covetous IZENZON bides his time planning for the day when he can reclaim his birthright. When an opportunity for vengeance finally presents itself through a strange gift, familial bonds will be frayed as a bloody coup begins in the hedonistic Dark City of Commorragh.

On The Hunter's Watch

Once a primitive, plains-dwelling race, The T’au have formed a spacefaring empire by bringing together several intelligent alien races to combat the hostile Imperium of Man. When a T’au cadre led by commander M’COVA (“EERVEE”) is ambushed, she finds herself isolated and introduce to a strange world’s inhabitants – and an an enigmatic woman by the name of MARLENE BARCOV. Thrust together, M’COVA must navigate a coded dance of indoctrination, and resistance to discover whether humanity can ever be trusted.

Hounds Of Bedlam

The lost and the damned – this is the name given to souls who shun the Holy Light of the Emperor. Among them are RUDOLF NUSZ, a ‘golden-boy’ guardsman who hid his sadism before turning against the Imperium. When a mutiny goes wrong, he attempts to flee the powers of Chaos but is dragged back in by former ally, and flesh-shaping mutant, SEBASTIAN KENT. Together, the two men embark on a path of violence to save a traitor ’s spirit from crossing over to the other side, all while their twin capacities for murder and torture propel them into a war between mankind’s worst natures.

Yesterday's News

Living in the dilapidation and overcrowding of the hive slums, opportunities for KATYA TSALPAROV have been few and far between. Making it through the gruelling audition process to become a radio newsreader for The Vox, Katya has every reason to be happy – until she discovers truths and propaganda that conflict with the life she’s been born into.

Agtrill, The Counterfeit Blade

On a savage jungle world, the Bonesinger BENNERUIN and her warrior companion GONTELAR survey a seawall interwoven with wraithbone and volcanic stone. The structure is eternal, silent, and as the pair enter it to collect a legendary prize, their journey begins to cross time and space with the mythic War in Heaven.

However Small, However Hidden

When a massive Tyranid fleet appears in orbit, CONNOR DALY and his son JATRUS must escape the global cataclysm by fleeing into the tunnels beneath their Imperial hive city. Trapped miles below ground, the family must content with a Genestealer uprising of monstrous proportions and the spectres of their own family trauma if they are to make it through the sewers and subterranean facilities alive.

A Cog In Crimson

THEOLEN AL-AMIR is a an interstellar pirate cashing in a blank check to rob, steal, and travel the fringes of the galaxy. Embroiled in a campaign of war profiteering, he encounters a sect of machine-venerating cultists led by HEIRONOMYIA BOSCH, a priestess of the secretive Adeptus Mechanicus. The pair are at first fascinated by each others’ motivations and abilities, but ideological differences will test their alliance as the cultists’ pilgrimage draws closer to their promised land – the holy forge world of Mars.

When All Lights Have Gone Out

M36-M37. The Adepta Sororitas are an all-female division of the Imperial Cult, a galaxy-spanning faith that has held humanity together for thousands of years. But before they became known and feared, on the shrine world of Antiqua Resolve, four Sororitas arrive to a crumbling basilica and discover the city’s history, sparking a tense manhunt across the city and a battle of faith versus nihilism.

March For Mars

The ravenous alien swarm known as the Tyranids are closing in on a distant outpost, leaving it up to three Imperial Knights to escort a convoy of dropships by land when lift-off becomes impossible. Ancient machines square off against implacable swarms of insectoid horrors as the personalities of the three knights bristle against each other – and their mounts themselves.

The Echo Of Satellite 66b

ECHO is an Imperial Navy echographer, a technician who helps ships detect threats before they arise using spaceborn electronic acoustics. When war breaks out, he hopes to use his skills to help in the navy, but is assigned to a dead-end forensic mission – and a mystery which will damn him forever.