While the galaxy is unimaginably vast, within it there are a million worlds home to everyday people who live in service to the theocratic, dystopian, and authoritarian regime of the Imperium of Man.

With strict social, religious, and cultural codes, all men, women, and abhumans live under brutal repression and pay tithes of blood and wealth to the Imperium’s galaxy-spanning empire. To live here is to be one face amongst countless others, but even some few souls can leave an impact on those around them…

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Faction Tropes

Ignorance 'aint so bliss

  • The Golden Age of humanity has long since passed. Witch hunts against political dissidents (or actual psyker-witches) are common, and the best way to survive is to keep your head down. Humans in the Imperium, unless recruited into one of the armed forces (or enslaved by the Mechanicus) are poorly educated and are taught to be superstitious and fear the Emperor in order to keep them in line.

A darker shade of black

  • The Imperium is the cruellest and most bloody regime imaginable. The bureaucratic Administratum controls propaganda and everyday operations and services, and the Ministorum controls the faith and minds of the people. To play the game of life in the Imperium, the only way up is to be corrupt, subjugate, or murder others. 

The common tongue

  • Citizens live on diverse worlds, all ‘unified’ by the Imperium. Low Gothic will be the everyday language for sake of convenience, but regional/planetary differences in religious reverence, cultural practices, and crippling overspecialization of industry are expected.