Chaos Cultists are followers of the Chaos Gods, malevolent deities who represent the most primal and destructive emotions and desires. They are often depicted as being fanatical and devoted to their gods, and are willing to commit any atrocity in their name.

Twisted and corrupted by their worship of the Chaos Gods, their appearance often reflects this corruption. They may have physical deformities or mutations, and may be dressed in ragged, ceremonial robes or other forms of chaotic clothing.

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We're all mad here

  • Once ordinary men and women, the corrupting influence of the Chaos Gods have brought these individuals under the thrall of forces beyond their imagining. The motivations of individual Chaos Cultists, and how they came to embrace the worship of the Chaos Gods, is a rich tapestry for storytelling and the dangers of corruptive power and the struggle between order and madness.

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  • The dangers of extremism and fanatacism are on full display when Cultists become ‘Accursed’. Whether born of dark ritual, empyric experimentation, or the predation of malign entities, these abberations are herded into battle as lurching shock troops, their tainted flesh reknitting grievous wounds with unnatural vigour.

Keep it secret, keep it safe

  • With the Imperium of Man being a monolithic organization, Chaos Cultists must often bring about its destruction through acts of sabotage, assassination, or other covert means. Commanded by heretic warlords, Chaos Cultists congregate as mobs and motley crews of fanatics who wield improvised, stolen, and makeshift weapons. While often poorly equipped, their determination (and sheer weight of numbers) can often turn the tide of any conflict.