The Adepta Sororitas – also known as the Sisters of Battle – are an all-female army of zealous devotees who purge heretics with piety and flamer weaponry. 

Formed in the aftermath of the Age of Apostasy, the Sisterhood have become something fanatical and bizarre. Drawing recruits from the Imperium’s orphans, they undergo extensive religious indoctrination and are trained to become shock troopers that drown out the screams of the dying with hymns to the Emperor.

Bound to a holy mission, will their faith and fury carry them to divine victories in His name, or will the brainwashing and proselytizing crack to reveal the real women under the armour?

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Faction Tropes

Psycho killer, qu’est c’que c’est?

  • The Sororitas might be seen as honourable warriors of mankind, but make no mistake they are zealots who are fanatically loyal to the Imperium. This means an obsession with fire, flamer weapons, and turning nonbelievers into kindling.  

There can be miracles, when you believe

  • While they’re clad in power armour, the Sororitas are still mortal (albeit with some body-modification upgrades). For everything else, their intense belief allows Sororitas to perform incredible superhuman feats, so much so that some become ‘living saints’

Get in the damn robot, Shinji

  • When a heretic commits a terrible crime, the Sororitas will abandon imprisonment or exile in favour of a MUCH worse punishment. These betrayers are slapped into chemical injectors and neural connectors, and forced to pilot bipedal warsuits or charge headlong into enemy fire.