Rogue Traders are individuals who have been granted a warrant of trade by the Imperium of Man. This allows them to travel beyond the borders of the Imperium and explore the unknown regions of space in search of new worlds, resources, and technologies.

Rogue Traders may be motivated by greed and a desire for wealth, while others may seek adventure, power, or a sense of purpose

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Faction Tropes

To boldly go...

  • Rogue Traders explore the unknown regions of space in search of new worlds and resources — and sometimes worlds that the Imperium forgot that it colonized thousands of years ago. These journeys may include themes of exploration, discovery, and the dangers of the unknown.

We're gonna be rich, I tell you!

  • Rogue Traders often lead adventurous and risky lives, and may be motivated by a desire for excitement and adventure or pure profit. Being involved in trade and commerce between Imperial worlds (and occasionally Xenos) a Rogue Trader is a unique opportunity for telling stories about economic competition, negotiation, and the lure of wealth. Just be careful who you trade with…

One for you, one for me

  • Rogue Traders may be depicted as heroic figures who explore the unknown and bring new resources and technologies back to the Imperium, or as greedy and selfish individuals who seek only to profit at the expense of others. Purpose or power, it’s totally up to the individual and their crew.