The Navis Imperialis, also known as the Imperial Navy, is the naval branch of the Imperium of Man’s military. It is responsible for the void and orbital defense of vast stellar systems against threats from within and without, and it is a key component of the Imperium’s military power. 

The Navis Imperialis is known for its advanced technology and skilled and dedicated personnel, all of whom operate kilometre-long spacecraft. Doing so requires a significant amount of labour, and these ships have cultures and generations of crew that span generations.

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Faction Tropes

In space, no-one can hear you scream

  • The Navis Imperialis are routinely engaged in a wide range of military operations, including space battles, boarding actions, and planetary invasions. These all carry unique risks: decompression, running out of fuel, getting sucked into a black hole, etc. That’s not to say anything of a jump through the Immaterium, and a faulty Geller Field turning off can fuse a naval cadet with the ship’s walls. 

To boldly go... and blow up whatever we find

  • The crews and pilots of the Navis Imperialis as seen as a source of hope and inspiration for the people of the Imperium, protecting them from the dangers that lurk in the vastness of space. Citizens of the Imperium look up to the navy, probably because it’s far more glamorous than sitting in a trench where Orks and Tyranids are going to tear you limb-from-limb.

We built this city on rock and roll

  • Sailing the void means that you’re not going to be making very many stops off-world, and entire families (hell, even dynasties of families) rise and fall on these ships. Think Snowpiercer but on a kilometre-long spaceship, and you begin to understand the social divides.