The Lord of Excess

Slaanesh is one of the four major Chaos Gods, representing the Chaos God of excess, pleasure, and indulgence.

Slaanesh is often depicted as a deity of hedonism and decadence, and their prime desire is to corrupt and seduce others into embracing their desires and indulgences and to gain power through these falls from grace. A malevolent and uncaring force that revels in the suffering of others, Slaanesh is a central antagonist to the Aeldari and humanity’s darker nature.

Recommended stories

Faction Tropes

Pleasures of the flesh

  • Slaanesh is often depicted as having the ability to enhance the senses and pleasures of their followers, allowing them to experience pleasure and enjoyment to a greater extent. Cue the loud music, copious amounts of drugs, and indulgences in every ring of sin you can imagine.

Talk daemon to me

  • Slaanesh’s agents seduce and corrupt others, tempting them with their desires and leading them down a path of excess and indulgence. These whispers to mortal’s dark hearts may unpack stories of temptation, corruption, and the consequences of indulging one’s desires.

Do what thou desires, is the will of the law

  • Slaanesh is often depicted as being able to enhance the senses of their followers, making them exceptional combatants in speed, martial skill, and reflexes. Focusing on ‘perfection’ (and the pursuit of it) the agents of Slaanesh can be considered obsessive-compulsive in their desires, and will fixate on any temptation that gives them pleasure.