Aeldari Outcasts

The Exodites are a group of Aeldari who fled the collapse of their civilization and settled on isolated worlds in the galaxy before the birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh.

Known for their close connection to prehistoric environments, their use of ancient technology, and their desire to preserve Aeldari culture, the Exodites have founded an outcast and isolationist civilization that lives on the galaxy’s fringes.

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Faction Tropes

65 million years in the making

  • The Exodites may be seen as having a tendency towards isolationism and a lack of willingness to engage with other factions or civilizations (including their own Aeldari kin). They may also be seen as being overly protective of their own way of life and resistant to change, which is highlighted through their artform of throwing laser beams on top of dinosaurs.

The dangers of isolationism

  • While isolationism may offer some benefits, such as protecting a planet or group from external threats or preserving its cultural traditions, it can also have significant drawbacks. The Exodites have inadvertently limited their access to resources, medical supplies, or trade, any of which could negatively impact their economic and technological development.

Yeah, I get it grandpa

  1. The Exodite’s isolationism fosters a powerful insularity, or an inward-looking mentality, which leads to a lack of understanding or empathy for the perspectives and experiences of other nations or groups. It also means younger Aeldari in the faction grow up with people who can come across as overbearing, and intergenerational conflicts may emerge.