The Green Tide

The Orks are a savage race of greenskinned aliens that carry immense strength and the physiological features of both animals and fungi.

A barbaric race, the Orks are driven by a desire for battle and conquest, often utilizing crude and primitive technology and weaponizing their ability to reproduce rapidly. With each conflict, victorious Orks grow bigger, and a burgeoning Ork stellar empire may declare a crusade called a WAAAGH to destroy all opposition in its path.

Certainly the Orks would have conquered the galaxy by now, had they ever ceased hostilities with their own kind or weaned themselves off simple-minded aspirations (or highly experimental technology) which routinely blow up in their faces…

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Faction Tropes

We 'iz obsessed 'wit fight'in

  • Orks are often depicted as being motivated by a desire for power and the ambition to conquer and dominate. The Orks’ unquenchable thirst for battle, however, typically proves to be their undoing. Ork tribes typically spend as much time fighting amongst themselves to be the strongest as they do other factions, meaning that cooperation only lasts until a new Ork leader emerges to defeat his rivals (which is constant).

I am 'wot I am, an 'dat all 'dat I am

  • The Orkoid ecosystem (if it can be called that) is a fungal society that produces a wide array of creatures. First, Squigs, then Snotlings who cultivate the Squigs and the fungus they feed on, then Gretchin to build the greenskin settlements, and finally the Orks themselves. Once out of the ‘Feral’ Ork cycle, a WAAAGH of starfaring Orks can obliterate cities and raze entire worlds with their brute strength.

'Dis 'iz da best day 'ov my LIFE!

  • Ork’s delight in carnage is so great, and their need for conflict so consuming, that without a more obvious opponent the Orks will indulge in fighting themselves to enjoy a good scrap. No factions in the universe, save the Orks, enjoy endless war and conflict – for an Ork, their barbarism is a joy, hostilities are a party, and smashing everything is the best time one can have.