The Heretic Sororitas were once members of the all-female military arm of the Ecclesiarchy, but have since stained their former order by succumbing to Heretical or Xenos influence.

Known in their previous lives for fervour and extreme zeal, their deviation from the Imperial Creed has seen their ruthless behaviour twisted to a new faith. Blinded by the lies of the Chaos powers, or converted by a break in faith, they’ve exchanged their faith in one god for another.

Heretic Sororitas are known to be consumed with conflicting emotions of guilt, retribution, self-loathing, and wrath, and many believe the only way to atone is to do what they do best — cleansing their enemies with fire.

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Faction Tropes

Twisted sister and the crisis of faith

  • Once devoted to the worship of the Emperor of Mankind, the Heretic Sororitas have had their unshakable faith, well, shaken. It takes a lot to undo the Imperium’s indoctrination, but when it happens this is considered a significant breaking point. Imagine your entire worldview and religion falling apart – many would become an atheist, but for the Heretic Sororitas it may be easier to replace one evil god with another one. After all, it’s all for a higher purpose, right? Human’s are funny that way.

Tempestuous tempers and sick minds

  • Many Heretic Sororitas find that fighting for the Emperor is not enough to sate their appetite for righteousness. As such, the Daemons of Khorne seek to consume their ruthless zeal and convert them to the Blood God. Elsewhere, the Daemons of Nurgle have tricked Sisters of Battle into blindly purging ‘unclean’ Imperial citizens, all the while twisting the women’s minds with plague and illness.